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Culturally Connected Education

 A care and equity-centered approach for organizational improvement.

Equity, Efficacy, Competence and Compassion

Leveraging Cultural Care, an equity, social-emotional, and care-centered approach, Culturally Connected Education provides engaging and meaningful professional development opportunities, strategic planning, and implementation of initiatives focused on improving culture, climate, and equitable outcomes for schools, districts, and organizations.

Our social-emotional learning and approach, grounded in evidence and research-based practices that are proven to be successful has received multiple awards and recognition. The learning sessions are facilitated by engaging, highly qualified and well-trained professionals and focused on building collective efficacy for transformation.

What can CCEC do to support you and your organization? 

  • Equity and Diversity Professional Learning and Development
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in Practice guided by the CASEL framework.
  • Trauma-Informed and Sensitive Practices
  • Disproportionality in Discipline
  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
  • Mindfulness
  • Equitable Practices
  • Continuous Improvement Plans
  • Help Promote Culturally Competent and Compassionate Staff
  • Behavior Management Strategies - Coaching and Supports
  • Positive School and Organizational Culture
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Care-based Practices to Build and Repair Relationships
  • Restorative Practices
  • Efficacy Education


In response to the COVID-19 crisis, unless CDC Guidelines can be met, professional development and consultation sessions will be virtually based.

Be safe. Be healthy. Be kind.


A. Gutierrez, Instructional Team Leader, and Teacher

"Our professional learning community and the entire school staff benefited with professional development about equity. In these well-organized professional development experiences, Dr. Allen utilized current research and student and staff need as a basis in which she developed each session. Through these sessions, she helped our staff reflect on our current practices and realistically create ways in which we could improve our relationships with our students and families. Furthermore, Dr. Allen provided us with support in implementing our ideas. She provided suggestions, as well as alternatives if we were not achieving the desired results.

It was most beneficial through professional development sessions that she encouraged us to have conversations that were sometimes uncomfortable, but that always led to improving the school and learning environment. She took great care in ensuring that at the forefront of her equity work were the needs and interests of the students and families we serve."

- Andrea Gutierrez, 2nd Grade Teacher, ITL

Dr. Philip Woods, Principal, Woodland Hills High School

"Dr. Allen is a dynamic leader who possesses the ability to bring out the best in her students and staff. She leads by example and takes a genuine interest in the well-being of her students and staff. As an educational leaders, Dr. Allen utilizes her experience and expertise to enhance the educational environment for all stakeholders. She has proven to be an energetic, dedicated, responsible, and reliable school administrator. She also has in-depth experience and knowledge of culturally responsive pedagogy, data collection and analysis, and matters of equity. Her persistence and various initiatives are outstanding."

- Dr. Philip Woods, Principal, Woodland Hills School District


Brittany K., Pittsburgh Public Schools, Learning Support Educator

"I have benefited from the work in building equity and cultural care within our school. [The facilitators] willingness to guide our school team in professional development allowed us to translate our school vision into a reality."