What we offer and love to do...

Professional Development:

CCEC provides meaningful and engaging professional learning virtually and in traditional settings. Providing a welcoming space that focuses on establishing authentic relationships, we provide an opportunity for educators to actively engage in learning, promoting transformational growth. Professional development is guided by a structured framework, creating connections to interdisciplinary approaches that differ from the traditional "sit and get" models.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, online digital learning sessions are available unless CDC Guidelines can be met. Be safe. Be healthy. Be kind.

Needs Assessment Action Planning and Implementation

Organizational Culture and Climate Initiatives through a Lens of Equity

CCEC will assist in conducting needs assessment surveys with measurement tools designed to help school communities get a quantitative understanding of their school climate. We guide the facilitation and coach the creation of action plans for identified areas of growth that allows for autonomy and personal investment in school improvement. 

Implementation and Support of Multi-tiered Systems of Supports

As independent facilitators, we can support the process of establishing a positive climate and culture that is framed by structured and multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) that include Positive Behavior Interventions of Support (PBIS), Restorative Practices (RP), and Cultural Care (CC). This work can be as involved as strategic planning and implementation or via coaching models, correlated professional development, or individualized support.  

Instructional, Climate, and Culture Coaching

Our alliance-building model of coaching uses cycles of support with the strongest evidence for improving teacher practice and learner outcomes:

  • Observations (Informal and Scheduled)
  • Goal setting/Action Planning
  • Implementation of the action plan
  • Modeling/Demonstration
  • Performance Feedback

General Educational Consultation

As a collaborative consultant, CCEC provides organizations with strategic counsel to expand and advance its overall education mission and goals. By working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders, this practice ensures buy-in and collective support.